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Taking Waste Management to the Next Level w/ Dan Studer at Zters

[00:03:30] Intro

[00:06:20] About Zters

[00:09:15] What factors contributed to your growth?

[00:11:45] How do you manage a nationwide company?

[00:15:45] How does technology help your company?

[00:20:20] How are you adapting to new regulations?

[00:24:25] What will be the next innovation in your field?

[00:26:10] Advice from Dan


“We want to make sure our customers have the right service levels”



Shawn Black

Dan Studer

Taking Waste Management to the Next Level

w/ Dan Studer at Zters

Growth is a challenge for any business, but in turbulent times even more so. Though there are many different ways you can boost your business, the most cost-effective and arguably most important in the normal day to day is company culture. The culture you create sends a message to consumers, clients, and your very own employees.

The culture that you create for your employees is everything. From the moment someone starts on your team, they should feel valued and heard. Everyone should reflect on the values set before your team and help create a positive work environment.

Giving your team one united vision can change the entire atmosphere of your workplace. Even better is involving them in the creation of such a statement. By giving each team member ownership over what they’re doing, they can take their tasks far beyond any expectation set before them. Often, this mindset for your team leads to great innovation.

The culture you create truly trickles down from the top and at the very end lies your most important aspect: your clients. When you create a space so healthy and inviting, your clients will be able to sense that. People know when you truly care about what you are doing. The culture you create influences your employees and leads them to interact in an even more positive way with clients. This ultimately leads more clients back to the good work you do at your company.

Creating a culture from scratch is never easy, and quite frankly, shouldn’t be, but it is always worth it when you see how greatly it benefits your team and your clients.

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