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Sneak Peak into RFMA 2022 w/ Executive Director Debi Kensell & CEO/President of CGP, Jim Robinson



(0:40) Introducing Debi Kensell and Jim Robinson

(1:35) What is RFMA?

(3:43) What Are You Reading?

(6:31) Transition into Becoming a CEO

(13:41) Structure and Strategy for Planning RFMA 2022

(17:00) Education as a Pillar for RFMA

(21:09) Building Connections at RFMA

(24:11) RFMA 2022 Resources, Speakers, and Events

(29:39) Heroes in FM World

(30:58) Ah-Ha Moments and Closing Remarks


Shawn Black

Debi Kensell

Jim Robinson


RFMA Registration


Kevin Brown

Think and Grow Rich



“Our mission is to equip restaurant facility professionals with the tools they need to go further in their career and be able to do their jobs better.” (1:47) – Debi Kensell

“Today, hiring challenges have been uniquely different because there’s lots of parameters…but it’s not complex, you just have to evolve.” (9:54) – Jim Robinson

I'm very blessed with the team that I have because they're all leaders, they really are. We have staff meetings every week where we all tell each other what we're doing, but basically, every single person here just about runs their own department.” (11:47) – Debi Kensell

Sneak Peek into RFMA 2022

“It was a little nerve-wracking to plan another conference, but I will tell you, we have a little bell that we ring in the office whenever good things happen. And we set one goal for restaurant or attendance, and we rang the bell, then we set another goal and we rang the bell! We've exceeded all those expectations and everybody is going to be really excited to be back!”
(14:23) – Debi Kensell

It’s the most wonderful time of the year because it is almost time for RFMA 2022! Restaurant Facility Management Association’s annual conference is the leading industry event for restaurant facility professionals. A gathering of peers, vendors, and other industry shapers can be expected, along with learning, growing, and connecting. As preparation gears up in Nashville, TN on March 13-15, we want to sit down with Debi Kensell the Executive Director of RFMA 2022. Alongside Debi, Jim Robinson, President and CEO of CGP, joins this show to discuss the anticipation and excitement around RFMA 2022.

RFMA’s mission is to equip restaurant facility professionals with the correct tools to further their careers and their ability to do their current jobs. The two main things RFMA will provide are education and connections.

Knowledge is Power

At this year's conference, there will be a focus on curating high-quality resources to expand attendees' knowledge in the many areas of FM. These resources will be both to push FMs up on their career track and create more efficient and effective ways to work within their current position. At RFMA 2022 you can expect seminars, courses, workshops, and downloadable material that will level you up no matter what position you have.

Connect to Grow

If you’ve been in the industry for long, you know that relationships are the foundation of FM. Whether it is with your clients, between employees, or with subordinates, cultivating healthy connections is the only way to stay in business long-term. RFMA believes this in their core, and that is why they will have scheduled meals, cocktail hours, round tables, exhibitions, and entertainment time included within their schedule. Learning how to communicate clearly, interact confidently, and find potential partners or clients are critical for a successful person in FM.

Where Can You Find More?

RFMA 2022 is open for registration— click here to register now! Want to learn more about the schedule, what they offer, and who they are? Check out their website.

Connect with Debi Kensell or Jim Robinson to learn more about what is going on in the FM world in 2022.

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