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Making Tough Choices & Living in Lack or Abundance with Jim Robinson


(0:44) Intro

(5:16) How your surroundings affect the choices available to you

(11:09) Making decisions to grow out of rock bottom

(13:52) The connection between choices and lack or abundance

(16:21) Advice for someone struggling with lack

(21:30) Jim shares the toughest decisions he’s made

(24:23) Advice for making better choices

(28:15) Handling employees who do not grow

(31:47) Is there a fine line in giving advice?


“As you grow and you change your circles, and you continually expand knowledge, you will find that in every scenario you end up with multiple options. Choosing is really a balance of weighing each one of those options.” (6:09)

“You have to have options because options give you the opportunity to grow.” (23:40)


Shawn Black

Jim Robinson

Book Recommendations

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

Making Tough Choices & Living in Lack or Abundance

People are faced with choices every day. We have to make decisions nearly all the time. Some decisions are monumental, life-changing decisions, such as moving across the country for a job, buying a house, asking someone to marry you, or choosing where to go to university. Other decisions feel minute and trivial, in the manner of selecting a restaurant for lunch, deciding which shirt to wear, or picking a movie to watch on a Friday night.

It is easy to be intimidated by the number of choices we must make each day, but it is vital to remember that the outcome of a single decision does not determine success. Success is determined by our response to the outcome of prior decisions. You can improve your chances of making quality choices by surrounding yourself with people who push you towards growth. It is crucial to be decisive with your choices, committing to your decision and adapting as necessary.

If you are looking to maximize the positive effects that choices have in your life, check out these tips:

Choices vs. Dilemma

An important concept to understand when it comes to maximizing the positive outcomes of your choices is the difference in choices and dilemmas. Choices occur when you have three or more options to choose from. Generally, the more options you have, the better the choice that you can make. Dilemmas occur when you only have two options to choose from. Often, the two choices that are offered to you are a rock and a hard place. By increasing the number of options you have to three, four, five, or more, you raise the likelihood of making a choice that has a positive outcome. It is crucial to put yourself in a position to face choices, not dilemmas.

Your Circle

One way to ensure that you face choices rather than dilemmas is to control the circle of people you interact with. If you find yourself in a circle of dormant, passive people, they will influence you to do the same. A sedentary lifestyle only leads to a series of dilemmas, the opposite of what you are looking for.

By surrounding yourself with people that encourage and challenge you to develop and pursue growth, you will have a higher chance of making positive, impactful decisions. Progress and development lead to opportunities, and opportunities lead to more choices. By choosing a circle of influence that is moving, thriving, and flourishing, you will find yourself having increased options at each decision intersection.

Be Decisive

Finally, your choices will benefit when you are decisive. This does not always mean that you must make a snap decision without weighing out your options. Instead, you should commit to your decision and be comfortable with adapting your plan if you find that your decision has negative repercussions. Sometimes you will benefit significantly from taking a step back and evaluating your options before concluding how to move forward.

While the impact of the choices you make might be intimidating, remember to follow these tips to maximize your success. Do not face dilemmas; instead, put yourself in place to choose from three or more options. Be influenced by people who are moving and growing, generating new opportunities for more choices. Lastly, stick firmly with your decisions and adapt when it is necessary.

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