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Leadership Trends in 2022 w/ Jim Robinson


(1:32) Introducing Jim Robinson

(2:47) The Power Behind the Golden Rule

(6:09) Hiring for Skills vs. Hiring for Values

(9:19) Cultivating Core Values on Your Team

(10:43) Hiring Lifelong Learners

(14:11) What YOU Can Do To Develop Yourself Right Now

(20:43) Using Technology To Simplify Your Life

(22:08) Prioritizing Home and Family Life

(26:20) Closing Remarks


Shawn Black

Jim Robinson


"However you treat your employees is exactly what they're going to do to your customer."

(3:48) - Jim Robinson

"How we do anything is how we do everything." (9:50) - Jim Robinson

"Complacency is so simple. It's so easy to do. Growing, being intentional, signing up for something…You’ve got to take initiative." (15:23) - Jim Robinson

"If you're not on technology, you may as well go hang up your hat and forget about it because you're so far behind already." (18:14) - Jim Robinson

"When you start hoarding tasks, your hours are going to skyrocket. You'll accomplish less and you'll lose a lot of respect and trust within the team." (27:20) - Jim Robinson

January with Jim Robinson: Leadership Series

This week, our leadership series continues with fan-favorite guest Jim Robinson. As an author, certified business coach, speaker, philanthropist, and CEO/President of CGP, he always has a plethora of wisdom and knowledge to share on these episodes.

Our leadership series seeks to tackle the questions which lead to personal and professional growth. The topics range from cultivating core values to simplifying workload with technology to the importance of prioritizing home and family life.

When it comes to job hunting or hiring, we often make significant mistakes. The scales seem to be tipped toward skills over character. Jim points out that while skills can be taught, core values cannot. A company should have clear values and a desire to hire like-minded individuals. There are times when values can be taught, but most likely, if your employee does not have the same core beliefs as your company's vision, it will cause friction in the long run.

"When you're in alignment, there's less friction. Less friction means more fluidity in how you're delivering service." (7:36) - Jim Robinson

You’ve heard it said that knowledge is power, but Jim inspires his team to take it one step farther. Rather than merely focusing on the employee, CGP makes an effort to bring spouses and significant others along for the educational journey. This means having the spouses sign up for courses, classes, and conferences alongside CGP employees. The benefit comes from creating a community that grows together rather than creating an intellectual divide at home.

Gaining knowledge does not stop with elective courses but also includes technology. Living in an era where technology develops daily, it is a disservice to you and your company if you are not keeping up at this same rapid pace. This may mean learning new apps, taking a course on a high level of software, or using technology to be more efficient with everyday tasks. Many issues regarding working over 45 hours a week stem from the lack of utilizing technology, Jim adds. He would rather see an employee work fewer hours while utilizing new applications than working overtime to do the same job.

"If you're not on technology, you may as well go hang up your hat and forget about it because you're so far behind already." (18:14) - Jim Robinson

In closing, Shawn and Jim focus on the big-ticket item: family. Your family may be a spouse and children, a significant other, parents, or even friends, but we all have a family. When it comes to having a prosperous professional career, it should not be attained at the expense of time with loved ones. Jim makes it a point to create a tangible goal each year to spend time with family. By prioritizing the emotional investments and life events of family over your career, you will end up being a healthier employee. Jim warns others that there may be years when your family is put on hold while you pursue your dreams, but in the end, it would be better to choose your family.

How can you choose your family this month? What would it look like to utilize technology for the efficacy of your job? What are your core values, and how do they align with your company?

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