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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in FM


(1:00) Intro

(2:48) Welcoming to today’s guests

(7:04) What are you reading?

(10:17) What DEI means in today’s workplace?

(17:09) The importance of DEI mission.

(20:58) Where do we start?

(26:12) What’s the next step?

(37:42) Practice what we preach

(46:00) Wrap up


Darrell Rounds

Randy Olson

Book Recommendations

Influencer The New Science of Leading Change

Relentless Tim Grover

Rocket Fuel


“We have a mission to become the most inclusive company in the world”. “To the point that one of our core behaviors is to be inclusive”. (11:49)

“That is a great deal for us to do with respect in order for us to level the playing field”.(12:38)

“If it is to be then it’s up to me”. (21:39)

Diversity and Equity

The way that we did business before doesn’t work anymore. Our world has changed and our attitudes should also. In business, it is custom to start the meeting off with a safety message, but now in addition to the safety message, it is also an inclusion message. People are trying to embrace the differences that allow us to bring value to the table, which helps us bring a sense of belonging.

The development of a program. A diverse group of individuals from all over the world, different religions, beliefs, age, social backgrounds, experiences, sex, and staus that all come together for the faces of PRO FM. Facilities always come back to the people.

The advantages of a good DEI program

The well-being of the people is so important in the workplace. When you take a look at our society, you have people from all types of walks of life. All aspects have to be there to make sure that DEI works. Make DEI a mission statement.

  • Diversity - Make sure that all people feel included.

  • Equity - Treat all people the same, from how you speak to them all the way to how you compensate them.

  • Inclusion - We have all these different types of people, so how do we get all these people to a point that they feel like they belong?

For some organizations, starting a DEI program is hard. The number one place to start is with yourself.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” (21:39)

In order to make any changes. we have to look in the mirror to see where we stand and speak to our intentions. It doesn’t matter what those intentions are, it is all about the outcome. Examine what we say, what we do, and how we behave.

We need to pay attention to how we talk and our actions. The most important thing that matters is the outcome. This is what the person will remember.

“We have to be very very intentional about examining how we conduct ourselves”. It starts with us.” 24:27

How can we move forward?

We can accept change within our realm of influence. If you sense that something is wrong don’t be afraid to call it out. Sometimes you have to face the uncomfortable thing and do the right thing.

As humans, we should take the opportunity to learn about each other and from each other. Get to know each other’s backgrounds. Find out how to help each other and learn how to improve and move forward.

Practice what we preach. Live it, speak it, and breathe it. Set goals to achieve them. Culture should reflect boldness and candidness. The diverse culture will be stronger. Diversity and inclusion can help companies become more prosperous.

We are almost post-pandemic, we cannot let the pandemic keep us from evolving. We have to take care of ourselves and each other. We will be rehiring and expanding, if we take care of our people, we will in return take care of our business.

At the end of the day, we must grow. Growing involves lots of steps. Those steps start with each of us and we cannot do it alone. We must ask for help, we must offer help, and we must work together as a team and not as enemies.

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