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Building FM Knowledge, Relationships and Credentials at NFMT Remix


(2:41) Introduction To FM Topics

(4:46) What are you reading?

(9:05) Introducing Amy Brown and Trade Press Media Group

(11:18) Introducing Randy Olson and ProFMI

(12:01) ProFMI and NFMT Relationship

(14:11) NFMT Remix 2021

(17:18) UCF and ProFMI Credential Course

(18:57) 3 Tracks of NFMT

(25:54) Why NFMT?

(28:38) Wrap Up


Shawn Black


Pro FM Credential Course

Randy Olson

Amy Brown

Trade Press Media Group


Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decision Magazine

FN Prime

Book Recommendations:

Nine Perfect Strangers

Team of Rivals

The Biology of Belief


"We're committed to providing content for facility managers across many different mediums."

-Amy Brown (9:41)

"Building relationships... is such a great way to accomplish goals, to communicate and to build communities around things like education."

-Shawn Black (13:45)

"Plug into those live events, it's a second to none experience in education opportunities at a highly competitive price of dollars for attendees… you can't beat that!"

-Randy Olson (27:08)

Building FM Knowledge, Relationships, and Credentials at NFMT Remix

In this week's episode, Randy Olson of ProFMI, Professional Facility Management Institute, and Amy Brown, director of events and education at Trade Press Media Group, join our host, Shawn Black! We jumped right into the topics YOU have wanted to discuss, such as building FM knowledge, relationships, and credentials.

Trade Press Media Group offers even more than the conference, including Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decision Magazine,, and FM Prime.

ProFM and Amy go back to 2017, where a strong partnership founded on wanting to see FM thrive through education and training. Randy Olson and ProFm are also excited for this conference for many reasons, including just the sheer impact a conference makes that an in-person event!

The big event on the docket of discussion for today would have to be the NFMT Remix.

Trade Press Media Group has a live event for their Facility Management division coming up this November! This National Facility Management and Technology conference will be a hybrid in-person and remote event at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Going since 2001, NFMT has offered the conference across the nation and will be held from November 10th -11th this year! This no-charge conference provides the experience of world-class education from over 25 conference sessions taught by experts within the industry.

The conference agenda will be divided into three tracts of discussion. The first, Excellence in Maintenance and Operations, is the nuts and bolts of the conference. The second, Technology for Business Advancement, which will help increase efficiency or collaboration. Lastly, there is the Reopening Safely track which is a key component and of utmost importance for this year. With over 30 full hours of sessions on the agenda, attendees will have many talks to choose from.

Their top five sessions following that include, Rapid ROI Facility Retrofit Efficiency, to Assessing and Prioritizing the Needs of Your Building, to Future Facility for Pandemics and Pathogens, to the 91% FM training dilemma to cleaning and HVAC Requirements for Reopening are all hot topics this year and are beyond timely.

If you have been following along with FM Evolution, then you have heard about the 91% dilemma. Succinctly, there was a survey taken this past year where 91% of FM managers and Staff agree that training is needed and crucial to moving forward. Randy and ProFMI will be taking over this goliath of a question by hosting a panel of people who have implemented changes within this past year.

The takeaway? Get out to Facilities Net and jump access heaps of helpful information and insights on the FM world. With FM budgets tighter than ever, NFMT's offering of a free high-level conference is an opportunity that you can't beat!

Keep Up with FM Evolution!

This episode of FM evolution is brought to you by Pro FM. How do your FM skills measure up to the global standard? Try our free map your gap self-assessment at and check out ProFM's credential course!

Interested in signing up for NFMT Remix? Do you want to learn more! Check it out here at their website!

Thank you for tuning in to this week's FM Evolution Podcast! Continue to stay updated with the latest Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe.

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