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5 Steps to Help Your Team Grow in 2021 with Jim Robinson


(0:50) Intro

(3:00) Helping those around you grow

(6:10) Creating goals

(9:24) Identifying strengths and weaknesses

(11:48) Understanding purpose

(15:31) Develop a training plan

(18:02) Celebrating the wins

(22:38) What are you reading right now?


Shawn Black

Jim Robinson

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“We all tend to see ourselves five years from today. We see everyone around us today, you know, for what they’re basically doing today. But we see ourselves in like this greatness because of where we believe we’re going to achieve to. So the strengths and weakness are, is really very candid conversations, and giving them a safe place to do that


5 Steps to Help Your Team Grow in 2021

A notable characteristic found in all high-quality leaders is their ability to help those around them grow. Here are five tips for helping your team succeed!

Create Goals

When it comes to helping individuals on your team evolve and improve, they must establish goals for themselves. 97% of people do not create goals, and the chances are slim that you have many members of the other 3% on your team. Establishing a goal sets team members in the right direction, and it puts them in the 3% of people who are likely to grow and excel.

Try having your team set goals for themselves every Monday, and revisit those goals on Friday. When they have an established direction, they are more likely to succeed. Similarly, when they know you will be checking in on Friday, they will be increasingly motivated to take action and achieve their goal.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Being in touch with who you are, how you think, and what you excel at is vital to progress. Most people have little to no difficulty identifying their strengths. It is natural to know what you are good at, and members of your team will likely be relatively in touch with their strengths.

Weaknesses, on the other hand, are more challenging to identify naturally. The majority of people see themselves for what they hope to be in five years, while they see others for who they are. For this reason, most people have trouble identifying their weaknesses, as they envision a version of themselves that has already grown out of their weaknesses. It is necessary to create a safe space to have an open dialogue about your team’s weaknesses. One of the most effective ways to create this space is to be honest with your team about your shortcomings.

Understanding Purpose

Understanding your purpose, or your why, is critical to growth, and you must help your team understand their purpose. Without purpose, you are bound to fail in your endeavors of growth and improvement. Identifying and understanding your purpose is what will motivate you and your team when development is difficult.

Developing a Training Plan

Once you have identified your goal, understood your strengths and weaknesses, and defined your purpose, it is time to develop a training plan. This is what you will follow as you take action towards your journey to growth. It is your outline for success. Your training plan must be aligned with whatever vehicle produces results for your business. If your company relies on relationships with clients, it is counterproductive for your training plan not to involve developing client relationships. Similarly, if your business depends on fixing widgets, you must continually train in that field.

Celebrating Wins

Lastly, you must celebrate your wins! Now that you have gone through the other four steps of growth, you need to praise the success that you or your team have attained. This step is monumentous when you lead a team, as people need commendation from leaders. Here, you must stay in touch with how different individuals prefer to receive recognition. It will be most effective if you provide them with praise in the way that they please.

Some individuals want to be praised in front of their team members. For these people, try making a big show of an achievement that they made. Stand on a desk and tell the whole team about it, or give them a high-five while they are at the watercooler with their co-workers. Other individuals prefer their recognition more privately. For people like this, invite them into your office and tell them personally that you are proud of them. Write them a note and leave it on their desk. Whatever action you choose, ensure that it is tailored to the specific individual.

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