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Leadership Series: Are You All in with Plan A, or Still Thinking about Plan B with Jim Robinson


[00:05:30] Plan A

[00:07:30] The Other Side of Pain

[00:09:50] Addressing Failure

[00:11:10] Who’s in Your Village

[00:16:05] Finding Your Plan A People

[00:26:15] Leadership Challenges


“If you add passion to water… it becomes your number one, your focus, and you don’t need a plan B.” [00:04:40]


When following your passion, it is important to be all in.

What is your goal? What is your vision? What steps are you taking to get there? Your ‘Plan A’ should be this mission. When you start answering these questions on your path to success, you should only see one path. Manifest this path into an amazing experience. Plan A is a moving target, but one that you should always be aiming for.

Plan A working doesn't mean your plan is perfect. You should anticipate roadblocks, failures, and redos. But, in the midst of the chaos, you shouldn’t shift your focus. By keeping your eyes on the prize, you find new ways to tackle these obstacles rather than admitting defeat. The best part about these failures and challenges is that you learn from them. As Winston Churchill said, “On the other side of pain is victory.” When striving to reach your goals, you don’t have the option to lose. And if you stay committed throughout your discomfort, you will be victorious.

Equally as important as you seeing a vision, is making sure you cultivate a team that joins in and supports your vision. By creating goals that your team also sees as valuable, you are creating an environment where your team not only sees your vision, but wants to achieve goals that will benefit everyone. To encourage goal getters, there should be incentive for everyone on your team, even if that is just a quality paycheck or career advancement. If you run into an employee that isn’t performing at an acceptable level, you should equip them with skills to help them reach the top. After all, your team is only as strong as its weakest link.

Following your passion is never an easy thing to do. You will encounter trials, but on the other side of pain is victory. Your ‘Plan A’ is a sure path to triumph if you keep your eye on the ball, don’t let failure hold you back, and have the support of a team cheering each other on.

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