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Using C.U.R.E with Your Team

Show Notes

[00:03:15] The C.U.R.E

[00:15:00] Are you surviving or thriving?

[00:19:45] What are you reading?


“Without a plan forward, there is no plan.” [00:11:15]

“Make sure that they [clients] win first, and you win second.” [00:13:55]

When things go wrong we must look for the C.U.R.E.

C=Curiosity= Raise your level of curiosity, ask more questions, search internally

U=Understand= Seek to understand the other side, their perspective, ask them more questions

R=Recover= Take time to process what you heard or read and adjust your attitude

E=Engage= Sort through the opportunity, solve issues by helping other people win

What kind of strategies do you use as a leader? Are these helping you push your organization to be better? If not, you need to introduce the C.U.R.E method into your work. C.U.R.E stands for Curiosity, Understanding, Recovery, and Engagement. By following these steps, your team will find new ways to encourage growth in a professional setting and beyond.

Be curious. What are your employees saying about the work you are doing as a team? Ask questions that let them know you want to understand more than just the baseline. Peaking your interest in their work shows that you care, but also offers insight into what is wrong, what is right, and what can make you better. Curiosity leads you forward.

Do you seek to understand? Great leaders ask the hard questions, the ‘Why?’ questions. Why did something fail? Why did something succeed? In response to those questions, be open to understand. Let answers sit with you, no matter how uncomfortable. That discomfort is what encourages growth.

Just like in athletics, recovery is vital. When all sorts of new information is flying at you, allow it to sit and marinate until you are ready to respond. A great way to recover is practicing meditation. Many great thoughts can come to the surface when you allow yourself to be silent.

The final and most important step is to engage. This is the action step you need to take. You have sought answers, asked hard questions, and reflected on those conversations. Now, take the leap. What needs to be done? Who needs to be on board? Make a concise plan that will set you, and others up for success. When one succeeds, the whole team succeeds.

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