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FM Education & Certification w/ ProFM

Show Notes

[00:30:00] Intro to Randy Olsen

[00:012:15] What do all FM have in common?

[00:13:35] Why are training credentials so important in FM?

[00:17:00] How does educational value show up for employers?

[00:18:10] How has ProFM adapted during COVID-19?

[00:21:25] What are you reading?


“Communication… people have to buy into that. As an organization, you have to show you care.” [00:19:05]

FM Education & Certification w/ ProFM

In September 1999, NASA lost over $125 million when scientists failed to convert measurements to the proper units, leading to the loss of a Mars Probe. One minor miscommunication led to a disastrous event that could have been avoided, had the entire team been working with the same standards. When working within any large industry, there are many policy discrepancies between organizations. Randy Olsen with ProFM shared how educating and certifying with one unified body can benefit an entire industry.

Educating and certifying an entire industry is a marathon, not a sprint. This marathon is truly worthwhile for those in the area of Facilities Management. Although FM is its own entity, it influences every other major industry in the world. When working on such a large scale, you would think that everyone is on the same page, but that is not the case. ProFM is working towards a solution to this issue.

To begin, a massive collection of data was gathered and compiled. From this data, a body of knowledge was built out. This body consists of soft skills, management techniques, technical skills, daily operations, and emergency planning. Every employee should be performing at a particular level and have a baseline of knowledge relevant to their work. As technology advances, it becomes even more important for this baseline to exist. Such standards allow for the expansion of policies and collaborative efforts. Collaborative efforts, in particular, are invaluable in an industry that sees more crossover every day. Encouraging critical thinking in these efforts will rocket forward necessary developments in facilities management.

Not every facilities management job is the same, but the skills each employee uses should be standardized to decrease discrepancies in quality and safety. Educating and certifying every facilities management personnel is a great way to ensure every person is performing at a level that is suitable for any organization.

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