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Leadership Series:The Big Re-Opening- Leading During Phase II of Covid19

Show Notes

(00:47) Introduction

(2:58) What can we expect now that businesses are trying to reopen?

(4:41) How do you think this process is going to affect them and immediate future?

(6:25) How do you think restaurants are going to manage with all those new requirements?

(8:42) What do you think is the best way for restaurants to keep their team safe?

(12:01) OSP: Optimized Sanitation Process

(12:47) Covid 19 Safety Compliance Monitoring

(15:59) There Will be challenges, but were not on the sidelines

(16:42) If you had to give one piece of advice to facility managers right now in this crazy time what would it be for you?

(18:14) Close


“So the immediate future is a little rough. These guys are going to have a lot of long, long days trying to, one, keep them boys healthy and give the feeling of safety to their customers coming in. Some of the customers are looking for, well, some customers aren't even going to show up. If you want them to show up, you're going to have to really come up with some shape and standards that will pass their muster.” Jim Robinson (5:21)

“Recently we did a Covid-19 safety compliance monitoring. This is an actual position, not a process. And we came up with a monitor to come in and you can hire the monitor to come in and evaluate your space. Literally come in and evaluate your space and your operations for an hour to an hour and a half.” Jim Robinson (12:46)

“We don't want people to sit on the sidelines because if they do, they are going to come back to a rash of new laws and regulations that they didn’t influence. I need to be there to be able to influence that. We can do that through hiring monitors or monitors reporting back and we will contribute to the local authorities, make sure they're hearing what we're seeing in the in the field” - Jim Robinson (15:59)


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