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Corrigo's Digital Takeover featuring Terry Byerly & Scott Hoffman

[00:03:00] About Corrigo

[00:07:52] BI Dashboard

[00:11:51] Combining AI + BI

[00:13:00] Discussion w/ Scott Hoffman

[00:19:56] Predictive Maintenance

[00:32:25] What’s next for Corrigo?

Show Quotes:

“At this point, you really can't be a sales professional without getting everyone involved. You have to know the entire process from beginning all the way to the end. Your process, but also the client's process. If you're going to solve their gap, know their current situation and understand where they're trying to get to. You have to know their business intimately.” [00:15:13]

“The company will absolutely want to know that feedback. It's just as important for them to have that data as the client, so they can turn around and make their product better.” [00:28:20]

Corrigo's Digital Takeover featuring Terry Byerly & Scott Hoffman

How does your business stay ahead of the game? One company is helping businesses optimize systems and prepare for failure, so that they can continue their mission without pausing to reset when technology fails. Corrigo creates industry-leading, cloud-based software for facilities managers and service providers. Corrigo Enterprise is relied on around the world to optimize processes and planning at all types of facilities in dozens of industries, building in efficiencies throughout the value chain. Facilities leaders enjoy powerful vendor management tools with intelligent procurement, end-to-end work order management, and a full complement of technician management and asset management tools.

One thing that sets Corrigo apart from other facilities management companies is their state of the art algorithms, artificial intelligence, and data management. They also utilise BI, or business intelligence, to help their clients better understand how their organization compares to itself and others. Their team of software engineers created a comparison program that, in a user friendly interface, allows facility managers to view their statuses broken down into pieces. This allows for an accurate review of where an organization is thriving, or may need improvements.

Another strength of Corrigo is their focus on predictive maintenance. Here is an overview of how it works: AI learns the equipment, assesses any prior data, and then tells you when the equipment is going to fail. The AI then automatically creates a work order for the date necessary work will need to take place. This method may seem obscure, but can be a major money saver for any company. Knowing when your equipment will fail allows the better judgement of warranties offered. It is also a great budgeting too, so a business is not unexpectedly hit with a major cost for repair.

Even with many outstanding pieces of technology, the thing that makes Corrigo stand out the most is their commitment to bettering themselves. A top priority is customer satisfaction, so they base most of their improvements off of client feedback. This allows them to update their software anywhere from two to five times a year, in order for them to consistently serve their clients in the best ways possible. Corrigo continues to provide the software platform trusted across many industries to do what no other technology platform can: optimize multi-location facilities management for unparalleled financial contribution and operational responsiveness.

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