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Leadership Series 3: Top 3 Vision Casting Tools

Top 3 Vision Casting Tools with Jim Robinson

While stepping into 2020 we have Jim Robinson - CEO of CGP Maintenance and Construction to continue the Leadership Series. Discussing the goal setting in the last episode, Jim told us about his top 3 vision casting tools.

Jim states that their vision is surrounded around growth. Whether it is CGP or someone else’s company, the vision of an organization is always growth. Keeping the focus on growth plan and then cashing out from that picture. Our vision is to show that picture to each and every one of our employees. They need to see the bigger picture in front of them. A road map.

When Jim was asked about how can a company accomplish its vision? He replied that individual growth is necessary to achieve a company’s vision. He said You gotta get them on a continuous perpetual life growth. Get them on the team, because collectively individuals are making the team. Each person has to grow on some particular values or goal-oriented pieces. Get everybody on with your vision and your goals.

What role does goal-setting play in order to accomplish a vision? To accomplish a vision, you need to have a playbook and that playbook is goal-setting. Setting up goals creates your action items, interaction items and things that you should focus on. You start approaching the goals methodologically. Goal items are imperative to accomplish the vision.

Top 3 Tools in Vision Casting:

Jim mentioned the top 3 tools he thinks that he has or one should have in order for the vision casting specifically in the facility management.

  1. Persuasion: The gift of persuasion - it helps you acquire a lot of success in business. In fact, it has kept Jim in business for 35+ years. The power of persuasion is convincing people to go in a certain way and do certain things. For Jim, this is the most important tool.

  2. Being able to lay things out (A written structure): Write things down when you’re in business. Mostly 97% of people don’t do that. But, I require certain reports weekly because that inspires people to articulate differently, to do things differently. It really helps you in vision casting.

  3. Best right-hand person: You need to have the best right-hand person in the business with you. If you lack a certain skill, then he should be there to cover things up for you. For example, I am good at visionaries, but not good at executing, filling out spreadsheets or other minor things. These are minor to me, but massive to business. Having a right-hand person gives me an analytical skill set. That is an extension for me and an imperative tool.

What do you think is the most effective strategy to communicate your company visions now in 2020 in the midst of such a diverse workforce?

Jim stated that leadership has a bigger challenge than the past generations did. We can put a label on this generation for certain things they might or might not do. In my generation, we take what is most powerful in our lives. Then we enhance that and by the time it reaches the next generation it becomes extreme. The things we perceive as negative, we start shutting them down. Generationally we enhance what we perceive as good and shut down the things we perceive as negative. That changes the things from one generation to the next. The difference in all those generations is truly the leadership. Leadership is a well diverse education. It can speak into different generations and it can speak into a vision that is better understood.

FM Evolution Podcast Show Notes Episode: Leadership Series 3: Top 3 Vision Casting Tools Host: Shawn Black On this episode Shawn is once again joined by Jim Robinson and they discuss vision casting. [00:00:30] - Intro [00:00:47] - Subject of the show, Top 3 leadership vision casting tools [00:01:13] - Fluidlytix sponsor ad [00:02:25] - CGP Maintenance vision [00:05:17] - Advice to understand why vision matters to your brand [00:06:48] - The roll goal setting plays with getting everyone on board with the vision [00:08:10] - Jim’s top 3 tools for vision casting [00:10:44] - Important core values for team members to have to carry out the vision [00:12:03] - Most effective way to communicate the company vision now in 2020 [00:14:46] - Over the next 5-10 years what should the FM community be expecting from CGP to accomplish? [00:18:36] - Outro Quotes from the Episode: “Individually is how the team and the company, all companies, that is the growth. Each person has to continually grow based on a set of values, a set of growth goal oriented pieces and if you put that together they’ll go individually and that takes the entire team and the company.” [00:03:40] “At the end of the day the vision is created to serve whoever is in your vertical.” [00:06:31] “As leaders we sometimes push and drive beyond some people’s capabilities but they expand and whether they collapse and leave the company they leave a better person if you push them and expand on a regular basis. [00:10:54] “We all want success and love and connection at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what generation we’re coming from, that’s what we want at the end of the day so as a leader you’ve got to be able to lean into that and you’ve got to be able to support that so they grow just like the rest of them are, they just grow a different way.” [00:14:07] Links: CGP Maintenance & Construction - Fluidlytix -

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