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The Future of Field Service with Leo Rota- Part 2

With the new generation coming up in the workforce and the old ones retiring, a huge difference is seen there. It is safe to say the evolution of the workforce due to the advancements in software and technology. As the new generation is fed up to see an interface for all the solutions to their problems, it is really necessary to have such equipment when hiring this new workforce.

All the challenges that a business can face in the modernization of their business models and how they can cope with them are discussed here. How to adapt your existing software with the new workforce and how does Turbo Systems can help you achieve that. We’ll talk about all of this with Leo Rota - Director of Customer Success at Turbo Systems.

Challenges and solutions:

Nowadays, we have an interface in front of us and then we request a service and track it by a UI. It's not right or wrong, it's just that the world has changed. It is a concern about workforce change. It is not about turning wrenches anymore, a lot of technical and complex machines are there and there are high paying jobs to operate them.

You need to cater to the new workforce. We have a workforce generation right now that is cell phone oriented. They are not used to go out for a payphone. They are used to see the solution to every problem on the interface.

This speaks of flexibility itself. Technology needs to adapt to the new workforce coming in. The last thing you need to hear from your workforce is that we still work on that old system. They want access to new cool stuff.

Turbo Systems is the perfect solution for this new workforce because they aren’t developing solutions to the present problems. They are growing and embracing new technology because they know there is death in stagnation.

Turbo Systems - The ultimate solution:

Having flexibility is the main theme in Turbo Systems, in daily life as well as business. That’s the main element of this passion-driven company. With the involvement of third parties and stuff, you can't just make everything yourselves. You need to have the flexibility to create a solution that integrates with other solutions as well as your life. This holds true for many industries especially field service management.

You need to provide the voice to the front line workforce. Let them select what they need to have in order to run their jobs properly. When a worker feels like something isn't working up with my tool what do they do? They call someone to get it fixed. Often times you don’t get such opportunities when working with the software. Don't let them wait 8 months to see what they want. That's the main goal of Turbo Systems. Don’t confine their businesses and don’t let them wait so long for a software product that when they get their hands on it, it’s already outdated.

What’s next?

When Leo was asked about what’s the next big thing that Turbo System is planning to do? Where do they see themselves in the next 10 years?

Our Roadmap is big. We are at the stage where the product is very stable. It's about getting all the use cases merged at a single system.

Customers need to come in and look at our solution and say “Hey! This is the new way to work”. Let’s embrace this as it is easy to use and more productive. We need to keep up with the demands that we will be facing.

At the end of the day, it's all about customer focus, I have an interesting job, a unique intersection where I hear from both sides customers and technology - The changing demands and the evolving technology, I am enjoying my role.

We are not going to build things blindly, proper surveys and customer’s intentions will be kept in mind. In order to sum up, our next big thing is Customer Focus.

Show Notes

FM Evolution Podcast Episode: Leo Rota pt.2

Host: Shawn Black

On this episode Shawn is joined by Leo Rota, the Director of Customer Success at Turbo Systems

[00:00:30] - Intro [00:00:48] - Subject of the show, Turbo Systems, innovations [00:01:32] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad [00:03:01] - Favorite quote [00:05:34] - Meaningful Apps, last mile experience [00:11:34] - Work force changes [00:13:47] - Where do you see software evolve in the next 10 years? [00:16:30] - Data Management, What is the most import thing for FM’s to look at? [00:20:19] - What’s next for Turbo Systems? [00:23:05] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode:

“Those who take the most shots, win.” {~paraphrasing Wayne Gretzky} [00:03:26]

“If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” {~Benjamin Franklin} [00:04:25]

“How your customers view you and how they engage with you is really what it’s about these days.” [00:07:20]

“When it comes to technology and integration, having the right tools is critical.” [00:19:04]


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