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The Future of Field Service with Leo Rota

Leo Rota - Director of Customer Success at Turbo Systems; told us a lot of interesting facts about Turbo Systems. How are they managing to keep up with the new technology that’s coming up? The importance of keeping software solutions up to date and a little bit about his own journey.


Leo Rota is a father of 3 beautiful children and a husband of a beautiful wife, he worked from 2003 to 2013 at DuPont and before joining Turbo Systems he was a Director of Professional Services at Service Max.

Leo was born and raised in Philadelphia, he left his old job and packed everything up with his family to start a new company (Turbo Systems) in California. When asked about how do you feel about this decision - leaving everything and moving out with your family. He said it hasn’t been so bad, he knew what he was stepping into. Because he knew the industry. He had seen it evolved in the past decade and had a very clear goal in mind about what he was going to do next.

He had a lot of international responsibilities when he was working at DuPont, he earned a patent while at DuPont and led the first cloud field service implementation globally. According to him, that was the point where he got passionate about Softwares and the programming world.

What’s Turbo Systems - Their vision and what makes them unique?

When asked about Turbo Systems, Leo replied; We are a software platform with a variety of very rich tools. We allow businesses (large or small) to easily build apps that work across their existing working systems. We develop apps that can be consumed on any device or browser, iPhone, iPad and comes with a very rich set of sophisticated tools that specifically make their business to be managed easily.

In all the modern businesses today, if you don't keep up with the tech, you are most certainly doomed. You need all kinds of platforms to run your business because they all have different purposes, it can't be one or none. You need them all.

For that, you need a solution that provides you all the platforms in one place. With business models changing, customers demands are changing, you need to have a greater touch with your customers in order to thrive. These are the things that Turbo Systems provide.


A lot of times you are given an app and told this is how it works, then you have to confine your business according to that app. So, you might be fed up with apps that never work the way your unique business works.

With Turbo, you can create and launch your own unique apps in days, not months. And you can manage more than just your field service teams, manage your entire business, with one solution.

What makes it unique?

The thing that makes Turbo Systems unique is the flexibility they provide. With all the new technology coming up every 3 months, you don’t stand a chance if you don’t update your software.

With Turbo Systems you can select the services you want for your software in your business, no coding effort is required, build yourselves an app with the building blocks they provide. You don’t have to worry about the new technologies that keep coming up. Because Turbo has provided so much flexibility that your software remains up to date.

Show Notes

FM Evolution Podcast Episode: Leo Rota pt.1

Host: Shawn Black

On this episode Shawn is joined by Leo Rota, the Director of Customer Success at Turbo Systems

[00:00:30] - Intro [00:00:55] - Subject of the show, Turbo Systems, innovations [00:01:49] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad [00:03:06] - Background on Leo [00:06:05] - Background on Turbo Systems [00:11:22] - Toughest part of starting up [00:13:04] - What makes Turbo different [00:18:44] - Building meaningful apps [00:25:52] - Recommendations for Facility Managers as they approach 2020 [00:26:43] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode: “It’s always cool to be hands on with technology and new stuff.” [00:03:49] “If you’re not keeping up with technology, you’re essentially doomed.” [00:07:41]

“You can think about, hey I can keep my existing system today and use what’s good about it but let Turbo extend it and I can actually now have a path to the future.” [00:13:47]

“You have the opportunity to build apps that are fit for purpose.” [00:19:41]


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