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FM Leadership Series #2 - 2020 Goal Setting

In this episode of FM Evolution, we sit down with Jim Robinson, CEO of CGP Construction, to discuss the importance of goal setting for 2020.

Jim shares a story he often tells of a friend that carried around a yellow notepad of his most important goals when he first started out. Due to being able to visualize his goals and having confidence in himself, he accomplished all of his top 30 goals, except becoming a ski instructor. He now is incredibly successful and says without writing down his goals, he would not have been able to accomplish what he has.

So how can we have the same success?

Write down your goals. Journal. It works.

Jim shares that many mentors and coaches he rubbed shoulders with over the years all seemed to say the same thing. He found it unique that when he wrote down his goals, he was more driven and focused, then when he chose to not write them down. He shares, when you write down your goals your subconscious is going to go to work to get these things done.

While Robinson states everyone needs to write down their goals, he also states you need to be strategic about the type of goals you choose. He states, they can't all be self serving goals. You need to improve your self, but most importantly others. When you set goals to improve the lives of others, it is amazing what you will accomplish. It is better to give than to receive.

So when you make your goals, what should you do?

Robinson shares that often leaders struggle to celebrate the wins. Leaders are often so focused on the next thing, that they often struggle to stop and smell the roses. He shares that first, leaders need to set their standards of success, then work on planning on how to celebrate their wins.

Goals have the opportunity to change your trajectory and should be a structured process. Therefore, the way you celebrate your wins should be a structured thing as well. He suggests that just as you write down your goals, you should write down your wins.

Achieving your goals is not an easy process. Jim shares that within his company, he purposely places his workers in places where they are forced to grow and push themselves to new heights. We must place ourselves in a space for education, experience, and growth, not in places where we are simply sitting around or simply reflective.

Jim advises leaders to further their growth by having a crystal clear education and succession plan in place. We should always be learning and projecting on to others growth and rising to new heights. It is not going to be easy, but if you learn to work hard for what you have in mind, it will be worth it.

What specific goals does Jim recommend for Facility Managers?

Jim suggests refining their data management. Partner with strong companies, like CGP, that can provide the software and tools needed to provided you with the analytics needed to refine your systems.


FM Evolution Podcast Episode

Host: Shawn Black On this episode Shawn is once again joined by Jim Robinson to discuss setting goals.

[00:00:30] - Intro [00:00:51] - Subject of the show: 2020 goals, goal setting [00:02:20] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad [00:04:44] - When did you start writing your plan? [00:06:49] - When did you realize, I have accomplished the goal I’ve written down?

[00:10:14] - Do you celebrate your wins? [00:16:15] - What goals would you recommend for other CEO’s? [00:09:52] - What advice would you give to FM’s for goal setting in 2020? [00:21:40] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode:

“Having a clear, written, defined plan is not confining or limiting, it is liberating. If you need or want it, write it down.” [00:03:42]

“Your subconscious is gonna go to work and get things done. If you write them down, it’s a program thing and your brain just goes to work.” [00:08:08]

“Setting standards around what success meant, in my goal planning, allowed me an opportunity to stop and smell the roses when I would get to another level of success.” [00:10:50]

“Goals give you an opportunity to change your trajectory.” [00:11:26]

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