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Leadership Series- Part 1

In this episode, we sit down with CEO, Jim Robinson, of CGP Construction to talk about practical leadership advice and a proper leadership mindset. We discuss about making the decision to not ask for things to be easier, instead require or demand for yourself to be better.

FM Evolution Podcast Episode 38

Host: Shawn Black On this episode Shawn is joined by Jim Robinson [00:00:32] - Intro [00:00:48] - Subject of the show, Leadership series, The mindset of a leader

[00:02:14] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad [00:03:30] - Demand yourself to be better [00:05:23] - What are you reading [00:09:33] - The grit it takes to be in facilities management [00:12:10] - Growing yourself in areas others fear [00:18:20] - How’d you show up today? [00:24:25] - What’s next for CGP and Jim Robinson? [00:26:29] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode: “Finding the easy way is never a growth opportunity.” [00:04:15]

“If you continually make yourself better, you don’t stress out when the pressure is you, you just rise up and perform.” [00:05:07]

“It doesn’t matter what you do in business, it’s the psychology of how you do it.” [00:08:45]

“Be super vigilant, do it with speed but be very effective.” [00:17:54]


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