Co-Employment, Your Seal Team 6?

November 19, 2019



Host: Shawn Black
 On this episode Shawn is joined by Jacques Albarran from Go-Staff and we discuss Co Employment and all the benefits it has to empower a business.

[00:00:18] - Intro
[00:00:35] - Subject of the show
[00:01:11] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad
[00:02:58] - What are you reading, book recommendations
[00:05:08] - Definition of co-employment
[00:06:15] - Benefits of co-employments
[00:12:31] - Go-Staff 2019 growth into new markets
[00:14:45] - Biggest lesson learned in 2019
[00:23:18] - What is next for Go-Staff
[00:25:56] - Outro 

Quotes from the Episode: 

“The biggest selling point for entering into a co-employment agreement with a company such as ourselves is the risk management.” [00:06:18] 

“The hardest thing is convincing people of the the business model and how it can be applied to their business.” [00:09:45] 

“We are the industry’s best kept secret.” [00:11:41] 

“You need to stay current, you need to stay in contact with everybody you come across.” [00:15:01] 


CGP Maintenance & Construction - 

Go-Staff - 

Jacques Albarran - 

Book Recommendations: 

The Prince
- by Nicolo Machiavelli 















The Four Hour Work Week - by Timothy Ferriss



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