The Future of Connex w/ Bill Yanek

November 11, 2019





FM Evolution Podcast Episode 36

Host: Shawn Black

On this episode Shawn is joined by Bill Yanek of Connex, formerly PRSM

[00:00:24] - Intro
[00:00:42] - Subject of the show, future of Connects
[00:01:17] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad
[00:02:22] - National event, reveal of Connex as new name
[00:03:33] - Whats new with Connex

- Connex roadshow
- membership categories changed

[00:04:42] - What are you reading, book recommendations

[00:08:33] - Connex Events
[00:15:03] - What have you learned in the last year

[00:18:53] - The power of connection

[00:20:11] - What is the best way to get involved

[00:22:31] - Whats next? What is the future for Bill Yanek

[00:23:45] - Outro


Quotes from the episode:
“You can’t repeat a message enough.” [00:16:04]
“Its a long term play...Presence really matters.” [00:19:00]



CGP Maintenance & Construction -

Connex -
Bill Yanek -


Book Recommendations:


Find Your Yellow Tux by Jesse Cole 

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