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Changing the Way the World Uses Water/ with Justin Goldston of Fluidlytix

FM Evolution Podcast Episode 35

Host: Shawn Black

We talk to the President of Fluidlytix Justin Goldston about changing the way the world uses water. They have a new technology that reduces usage 2%-6% and saves 15% to 30% on water bills!

On this episode Shawn is joined by Justin Goldson of Fluidlytix

[00:00:25] - Intro

[00:00:40] - Subject of the episode: conservation & innovation

[00:01:31] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad

[00:04:14] - Background of Fluidlytix

[00:06:19] - How does Fluidlytix water management solution work?

[00:11:01] - How does Fluidlytix play into resolving supply & demand issues

[00:18:51] - Who does this system work for? Does this work for facilities management?

[00:22:06] - What does the future look like for Fluidlytix?

[00:24:08] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode:

“The average Californian uses 85 gallons per day per person, as of 2019 there is almost 40 million people living in California, if we could save 6% of that per day that is 3.4 billion gallons of water saved daily not including commercial concerns so from a sustainability end that would have an enormous impact to the state of California. Imagine having that 3.4 billion gallons just sitting in reserve.” [00:11:47]

“In essence it works for anyone who consumes water.” [00:18:55]


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