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The Future of Facilities Planning w/ Building Point Pacific

FM Evolution Podcast Episode 34

Host: Shawn Black

On this episode Shawn is joined by Building Point Pacific

[00:00:23] - Intro

[00:00:43] - Subject of the show, 3D Mapping/Photos/Stitching for construction

[00:01:32] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad

[00:02:26] - Building Point Pacific background

[00:03:23] - Scanning for ads builds, only scanner that moves around like a shopping cart

[00:05:30] - What are you reading? Guest recommendations.

[00:09:52] - Technology in the trades [00:10:57] - Service and benefits of scanning [00:14:38] - Advice to clients considering your service

[00:18:10] - What is next for Building Point Pacific

[00:19:38] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode: “Do what you’re good at and you’re gonna be happy.” [00:07:07]

“One of the things about construction that is not talked about is the community at it creates.” [00:09:03]

“Selecting the right contractors and getting the right training/tutorial is necessary in order to implement these things.” [00:15:25]

“Technology is now being more flexible and adapting to what we need to do.” [00:17:08]


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Building Point Pacific - Trimble -

Book Recommendations:

Location Based Management by Olli Seppanen

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