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Grey is the New $$ Green with Joseph Gallegos

FM Evolution Podcast Episode 33

Host: Shawn Black

On this episode Shawn is joined by Joseph Gallegos from Grey 4 Green to discuss grey water and water conservation

[00:00:23] - Intro

[00:00:50] - Subject of the show: Facility Managers & Water Conservation

[00:01:51] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad

[00:02:56] - Intro of Joseph Gallegos from Grey4Green and background

[00:08:14] - What are you reading? Guest recommendations.

[00:09:40] - Benefits of water conservation via energy consumption/savings

[00:10:57] - Education about condensation and cutting energy consumption

[00:12:33] - Necessity is the mother of invention, creation of Aquifer Pipe

[00:15:12] - Shortening the water cycle chain

[00:16:45] - Biggest challenges with creating grey water system

[00:18:53] - What is the future of water conservation?

[00:22:12] - What is next for Grey4Green?

[00:23:07] - Outro

Quotes from the Episode:

“As companies have outreach programs for whatever charity they’re involved with, they need to think about also initiatives…it’s not just helping people, let’s help the earth that we’re living on.” [00:09:17]

“Each individual adding up to millions of individuals is going to saves millions of gallons of water on an annual basis.” [00:18:19]


CGP Maintenance & Construction

Grey 4 Green

Book Recommendations:

Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey

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