Property Management in the Country's Fastest Growing Market with Alex Shapiro at AZ Partners

October 7, 2019


FM Evolution Podcast Episode: Alex Shapiro Host: Shawn Black


On this episode Shawn discusses the fastest growing county in America, Maricopa County. Shawn is joined by Alex Shapiro of Arizona Partners, a real Estate and Property Management company.


[00:00:43] - Intro
[00:00:55] - Subject of the show “Fastest growing county in America”

[00:01:30] - CGP Maintenance sponsor ad
[00:03:09] - Intro of Alex Shapiro and his background
[00:04:10] - What are you reading? Guest reading recommendations

[00:06:46] - Maricopa County: the fastest growing market in America

[00:08:18] - Biggest challenges to face on a day to day
[00:12:02] - Learning, mentorship and real life lessons
[00:13:26] - Giving back, Future for kids (non-profit organization)

[00:18:11] - If you could look back, what would you tell yourself today?

[00:22:47] - Advice for other people in real estate


Quotes from the Episode:

“That is why property management is so important, you have to be able to convince not only bosses but the leasing guys that it’s important to spend the money upfront.” [00:11:20]


“Whether you are doing leasing or property management, it really shouldn’t matter how much money you make in that first year or two it’s more important about who is teaching you who can you learn from because that is invaluable real life
lessons.” [00:12:16]


“At the end of the day, if you are not spending that money in a good way or giving back to your community, you don’t get that full body experience of charity donation. There is no better feeling.” [00:14:47]



CGP Maintenance & Construction

Arizona Partners Alex Shapiro Future for Kids


Book Recommendations:

So you want to start a brewery 


American Kingpin 

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