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Simplifying the Keys to Success

With Josh Zolin

Sometimes, the best business strategy is to watch a master at work and take note of what they do in order to follow in their footsteps. That’s precisely what we’re doing today in our interview with Josh Zolin of Windy City Equipment. In addition to running this facilities management and equipment repair company, Josh is an author, speaker, and authority on business practices and success. This is exactly the kind of person that we should be following.

Josh focuses a lot on the keys behind success for every person in the room within an industry. This includes us as the business owner, our employees, the client, their employees, and their customers. Josh says “Everybody’s gotta win to do good business.” So how do we do this? Instead of overcomplicating this, Josh likes to lay all of the cards out when he says that “The beauty of business-to-business is that everyone sitting across the table knows that the other one is trying to make a profit.” If we can clear that up in our minds before going into a meeting or strategy session, it helps us to level the playing field and focus on how to make sure everyone wins.

When everyone wins, our company grows, and we know that growth brings new challenges. Josh stresses that the most important objective in growth is to maintain the relationship. We can categorize as business-to-business or business-to-consumer, but ultimately it is all people-to-people, and that remains through staffing, pricing, and other types of changes as we grow. We have to mimic what made us grow in the first place, and we do that by getting on the same page. Josh says that “The best way to maintain any relationship and the best way to get value from any relationship is to align values, is to align your objectives.” When we can each understand where we are coming from, what our individual goals are, and find common ground in those goals, we can maintain our company’s upward trajectory.

Josh summed up his interview with us by stressing a few values that he lives by in his personal life and in business. He says that “If you’re not strong enough to tell the truth, you’re not strong enough to succeed. He wants to own his mistakes and grow from everything, so when we can push those hard truths into the light, it makes it easier for everyone to identify them, struggle through them if needed, and move forward. This goes with another quote that Josh likes to make that “If you do what’s hard, life will be easy, but if you do what’s easy, life will be hard.” When we resist taking the easy way out of everything, we grow personally and professionally and earn the respect of those we work with along the way.

According to Josh, all of our business practices can be simplified to these few traits: align objectives with our customers, reject band-aid fixes, and delegate to keep the reins on our time and therefore, our happiness. When we focus on these few things and stop worrying so much about everything else in business, we all win. And doesn’t that seem to be what Josh is all about?

Josh Zolin is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. His company, Windy City Equipment, just made the Inc 5,000 list. This growing company based in Arizona repairs equipment for consumers and businesses. They love making relationships and maintaining them by finding common goals and working hard to achieve them. Josh’s book “Blue is the New White: The Path to Success No One Told You about - Until Now” is available now on Amazon.

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