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What's Next in Smart Water Management?

What’s next in smart water management?

Adam Bartman with Reed says it's them. Reed Water helps businesses and commercial spaces, “Control & monitor the leading brands of shut-off valves, meters and leak sensors - for flood prevention and more efficient operation and detect potential water damage threats and manage them through the intuitive cloud dashboard, from anywhere in the world.

Interested? We were too.

So, how did this begin?

Adam shared that he has always been an entrepreneur. As a son of a plumber, he too went into the family trade and has for the past 12 years run a successful plumbing business. However, four years ago, Adam realized that really nothing had changed with technology within the industry of plumbing. While working with a customer that had a crazy amount of water consumption, but couldn’t figure out what to do or what was happening, the foundations of reed started to form.

Fast forward to now, Co-Founder of Reed, Adam explains they have developed a software to help learn a buildings consumption style and alert the owner or facility manager when usage spikes or a leak occurred. This does not only just mean flood prevention and detection of potential water damage, but also responsible water conservation.

Plumbing just got smarter.

What does this mean?

The applications for commercial and residential properties are endless. As Adam explains, facility managers have a lot on their plate and while they tend to monitor their water consumption for a while, it always creeps back up. Reed takes the guesswork and memory game out of the equation and helps conserve resources and keep properties safe and protected. With the software developed by reed, the software will learn the normal rate of consumption and remind the facility manager when consumption tends to be out of the norm.

Adam explains that the ROI on the investment with reed can be large when factoring preventing water damage, but also operational efficiency and monitoring leaks.

What is next for reed?

Adam says that they are here for commercial properties to increase operational efficiency and to help serve other plumbers and those within the industry. His focus is for others to learn about the how plumbing is getting smarter and more efficient and that reed has the solutions for facility managers and commercial spaces.

Want to learn more about the innovations of reed water? Check out :

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