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Corrigo is a CMMS (or Computerized Maintenance Management System) platform software company that has been around since 1999. They are one of the largest facilities and retail management systems out there. In addition to working with powerhouses like Sephora and Bank of America on the retail side, they are here for us in the FM space to make our lives easier. How do they do this? Overall, their system allows us to track everything we do and make it reportable, forecastable, streamlined, and automated.

They’re working harder so that we can work smarter.

With several options out there for our CMMS platform, what sets Corrigo apart? Director of Sales, Jennifer Shone was able to sit down with us and give us the scoop on why Corrigo is our best fit.

First of all, they see the value in tracking and recording EVERYTHING. When we do this, we can have information at our fingertips to use for reporting, budgeting, forecasting and growth, and more. They respect and value our need as companies to have easy access to this information without having to constantly reconfigure numbers and over-communicate with other departments to get what we need right then. They help us to automate and streamline the process of tracking to save us time and therefore, valuable resources that can be reallocated to growth and innovation.

Speaking of innovation, one of the things we love about Corrigo is that they are constantly improving their platform to make our lives easier. They recently implemented their mobile aspect, giving us even better and more immediate access to our information. They also have a chatterbox feature that allows us to communicate with our team within the system itself. Jennifer also gave us the tip-off that within the next year, they have even more upgrades and enhancements coming, especially for the retail spaces.

Another thing we love about Corrigo is how much value they place in the user experience. Corrigo is naturally extremely user-friendly, but on top of that, they have an entire team dedicated to our journey through the program. After our business’ onboarding into the system, we receive our own personal client success executive who will stick with us throughout our journey to not only make sure we are taken care of, but also to make sure that we have all of the newest knowledge and up-to-date best practices we need to get to most out of our Corrigo system. They also host a conference for employees and clients to make sure we are in-the-know, can communicate with other users, and have direct access to executives making new innovations.

Jennifer finished out her interview by reminding us of her favorite aspects of Corrigo. She loves that it is an all-inclusive platform. While other systems have different levels associated with increasing paid plains, Corrigo gives us access to all of the features when we sign on with them. She also loves that their team is able to hold technical know-how and relatable people skills in each hand. They are able to communicate with us as clients and give us all of the information we need, which is a rare feature in the tech industry.

We are so excited that Jennifer was able to chat with us about all that Corrigo has to offer, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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