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Can't Stop the Mop... or Can We?

Since the beginning of modern times where restrooms, kitchens, and restaurants are apart of our daily lives, we have been cleaning them in relatively the same ways. Although there have been innovations in the tools we’ve used, it still usually involves a person using that elbow grease to wipe, scrub, or MOP surfaces to get them “clean.”

Kaivac is here to change the game forever. Their new inventions and evolutionary updates make cleaning easier, and more importantly, safer and more effective than the traditional methods we have all accepted as our fate.

Before we could even get to sit down with the representative from Kaivac though, we were alarmed that the guy who had been protesting Kaivac’s booth wanted a word with us first. Icky the Mop jumped into the hot seat before Sean even knew what was happening to push his message against these changes to our listeners.

“We’ve been around since the 1400s, and then a company like Kaivac comes along and they tell me ‘mops are gross.’ and that they want to put me out of a job.” explained Icky. He was clearly distraught that a company would come along and tell us that everything we’d known about cleaning was wrong, and that only about 50% of the bacteria is actually lifted using these old methods, and then half of that is just spread around from there. Icky was further offended by Kaivac’s complaints that the chemicals used with mops are often harsher than the bacteria.

Icky had been standing outside of Kaivac’s booth during the whole trade show with a sign and chanting “Don’t stop the mop!” protesting Kaivac’s new website, sharing the good news about their No-Touch Restroom-Cleaning System. It claims that you can remove up to 90% of bacteria using this system with only water! It goes alongside their newest invention, a Cooler-Cleaner, and their OmniFlex, a “janitor’s cart with super-powers,” Icky laments.

Sean finally got Icky the Mop to move on, and we were able to sit down with Allen Randolph to hear from the source all that Kaivac is doing to make cleaning easier, more efficient, and safer for facilities management companies everywhere. Allen reminds us that the definition of “cleaning” is “the removal of unwanted matter AND its proper disposal.” He also stated that traditional cleaning tools like mops are simply MOVING matter, not actually removing it.

“So you look at that work, just the work itself, and it’s difficult, it’s a little bit demeaning, and we really thought ‘There’s gotta be a better way.’ And so what we started doing was combining pressure-washing and wet/dry vacs into technology where we’re going to rinse all the bacteria [off] the floor, and then extract it up.” This is how Allen most simply explained their technology and the foundation of their company. Since then, they have added more and more groundbreaking inventions and innovations to the traditional methods of cleaning.

Kaivac uses the scientific evidence behind cleaning to back up their processes and take those archaic practices and make them “better, faster, cheaper.” And I think we can all admit that they use extremely creative marketing methods to get their message out there, like their “protestor,” Icky the Mop. Kaivac simply wants to improve the cleaning industry by making it safer, easier, and more effective, and I think that is something we can all get behind.

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