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How Connex is Changing the FM World

PRSM is Now Connex!

CEO Bill Yanek shared at the National PRSM Conference that his new name change has been in the works for 6 months. While the name change did make a huge splash at the conference, even more exciting changes are happening at Connex.

While PRSM, now Connex, has been very successful within traditional multi-site retail, they knew that to continue to grow and adapt with the ever changing face of retail, they needed to transition out of retail store maintenance to facility management for multi site facilities. With retail facilities being repurposed for all sort of things, Connex has its eyes set on expanding into the medical realm, financial institutions, and the entertainment industry, such as indoor sports and gaming.

With this new name comes a new strategic plan with three pillars

  1. A interior cultural evolution- Connex looked inward to its staff, technology, and resources to be prepared for large cultural shift in the company.

  2. Making it all about the members- Connex wants to take their operations more directly to their members and provide local connections throughout the United States.

  3. Rebranding the Company- No longer will they be held back from an old acronym. Connex is rebranding themselves to focus on the power of connection. It is now on them to tell the story of Connex and the bring the power of connection, locally and nationally.

What’s next for Connex?

Besides planning the best national show for facility management there is for 2020, Connex is promising some exciting things coming this October. October will bring local connections in New York, Columbus, and Long Beach. These events will be different from before by providing networking and professional development in a different environment.

Want to learn more?

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