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CGP: Adapting to New Technology, Keeping Quality Customer Service

A little bit about CGP


CGP first opened its doors in 1982. The company originally began as an in-house maintenance division for a property management firm. In a short time, however, we grew to serve outside property management companies and soon the commercial and retail industries as well. By 1984 we had a flourishing construction division, which was a natural fit for our team of skilled tradesmen.

The owner/operator, Jim Robinson, has been with the company for 30 plus years. His dedication and vision have helped CGP Maintenance & Construction Services evolve into the respected business it is today. He looks forward to leading the company toward continued growth in the years to come.

How has technology changed the facilities management over the years?

In 30 years, technology has caused much of the industry to be automated and to be infused with more and more data. This in turn has caused the industry’s greatest need in relation to technology to be precision.

We are excited to be soon releasing an entire new platform that will enhance communications to a new level and create precision at a greater degree for our industry. Be on the look out for CGP's new and upcoming platform.

Does company culture have any thing to do with this company’s success?

“I’m about serving the people, that is the only reason I am in business” - Jim Robinson

At CGP, owner/operator, Jim Robinson believes that we were put here on this earth for one thing and that is to serve others. Jim Robinson believes in creating an impact with whatever gifts you have been given and has put that belief into action over the years through serving on the board of RFMA Gives. Not only does Jim put his beliefs into his personal endeavors, but also into his business.

At CGP, Jim encourages his employees to treat everyone with the highest level of dignity and respect or as he likes to say, “Treat everyone like you would treat your grandmother.” He states that when you treat every customer like your most critical customer, you really start to see results of the culture you have created. At the core of CGP is growth. Jim believes not only pushing his employees to grow, but also himself. He prides himself on being a company where people grow and reach for new heights.

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