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"Long-term consistency trumps short term intensity"

Today we are talking about the newest insight from our CEO, Jim Robinson. Jim recently sent out some "Food for Thought" to our team that sparked some great conversations at CGP.

The thought was centered around a quote "Long-term consistency trumps short term intensity" - Bruce Lee. This is so important and so many people forget that to be successful consistency is crucial. This applies to all of us In business and in our personal life no matter if it's about serving the client, supporting your team, or helping your family creating real change in people's lives means being there for them consistently. Helping them on an ongoing basis because change doesn't just happen overnight .

In my opinion, this kind of dedication and focus is what makes CGP such a special place to work and why our clients keep coming back to us year over year. They expect great service consistently! When you are serving others it's a marathon, not a sprint and you have to be in the long haul. You go all in!

Jim goes on to talk about how consistency compounds over time. How it inspires and leads us to new opportunities. How growth and change happen when we are consistent. To keep us on track we all must stay focused and produce on a consistent basis. I think a lot of people tend to look for the Top 10 best tricks, the shortcuts and newest ways to win. We overlook what it takes to be successful. The really successful people put in the work and stay on task, never give up and never give in!

Imagine what would happen if we all just built habits to accomplish our goals instead of getting so excited and passionate about the next big thing and then losing sight of what needs to get done to get us there.

Be passionate, get fired up, but to take that to the next level and developing the discipline it takes to create the long-term consistency needed to be outstanding and not just great!

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