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The Award Goes To...

Congratulations to our 2nd Quarter award winners! Gabe Rivas, MVP, and Hector Herrera, Customer Service Award. These two gentlemen show that they've got what it takes and go above and beyond to provide #ServiceNow.

Gabe has been with the company now for a little over 2 years and has excelled his career by being a fantastic team player and serving others at very high levels. Gabe has been instrumental with the opening of our NorCal market and growth with our partner Starbucks. We are excited to have him be a part of our team.

Hector is a fantastic technician. His constant commitment to making sure our customers are taken care of is the driving force behind his award. He shows up in every sense of the word for work ready to take on challenges no matter how big or small. He has a unique skill set of both technical acumen and customer service skills that allows him to serve others and provide #ServiceNow.

We are super proud of both of you and are excited to see you grow!


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