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Food for Thought, "If you confuse, you lose"

Jim Robinson

This week I wanted to share a thought from our upcoming Food for Thought video series from our CEO Jim Robinson.

"If you confuse, you lose."

Jim goes on to say, "this is with relationships, clients, employees! We MUST be clear, concise and specific in everything we do. The loss is immeasurable, if we lack clarity."

We couldn't agree more, Jim! CGP Maintenance and Construction Services, Inc is based on the principle that we are here to serve. It’s a core part of our culture and having clear communication is is a cornerstone in building a strong foundation for any company. Providing clear information not only is essential for work but in every facet of your lives.

For most, communication in a transparent manner is a challenge and it’s because we all have to learn how to translate what we are trying to say into something that the other person can understand. We all communicate differently. It’s astonishing, as a human species, how we have evolved so quickly but still have challenges with expressing a clear message to others in our lives

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

So, this week our challenge to you is to ask yourself, am I really communicating the way the other person understands? Stay tuned for more “Food for Thought” coming to you in a new video series starting in August!

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