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A San Francisco Treat Story...

What an exciting time for CGP! We have been working in NorCal for the last quarter and would like to thank Starbucks for all of their support. They are fantastic partners and CGP is so very excited to provide #ServiceNow in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

It has been a journey, working in this new market and we have some people than thank!

Kyle, our Field Manager, has been busy taking care of Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Little Caesars over the last week and is key to our continued success. Kyle lived in San Diego and volunteered to be a part of developing the new NorCal market. He was so excited that he is now transferring permanently to NorCal and live full time in San Francisco. Kyle said "It's a beautiful city, busy with activity and packed full of growth. The tech industry is booming here, and there is so much opportunity for us to expand and grow."

We also caught up with Gabe who has been spearheading Project Management in Norcal. “It’s been a please working with the Starbucks teams, They have been essential in helping us get established in the market. We appreciate the partnership and the opportunity to serve them in Norcal.”

Gabe went on to say “We have a great team, I am impressed with their dedication and how they provide #ServiceNow. Its been really rewarding to see them grow. Our San Diego team did an amazing job training the new CGP team members, and we are happy to have them back in their hometown” -Gabe Rivas

We just started the process of working with Baskin Robins owners in NorCal for their remodels and can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome to NorCal.

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