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RFMA 2017: A Huge Success

As we arrived and checked in at the Gaylord Resort, we were excited to see what RFMA 2017 had in store. The hotel was immaculately beautiful and full of energy. The staff were overly accommodating and showed their desire to provide the best customer service possible. The Gaylord in Nashville is enormous! You could easily get lost walking around the resort premises. It felt as if we had arrived on another planet.

We had prepared for months prior to this event; to create a successful marketing plan and gain valuable contacts. The preparation process was so stressful that we were ready to socialize and connect with friends and colleagues. The day prior to the conference, you could feel the nervous buzz in the air. We weren’t the only ones that had tirelessly prepared for this climactic event. As we walked into the conference room, prior to event commencement, crews were building large displays. We were excited to get a sneak peek of what was to come. We eagerly picked up our badges, which was such a smooth process that we can’t help but stand in awe of the event planners at RFMA.

There were some phenomenal speakers and educational seminars that we took part in. We were privileged enough to attend the RFMy’s awards banquet. This event was a clear favorite, as the host was hilarious and engaging. His message was to “find your gift,” which spoke to us directly as our company’s (CGP Maintenance and Construction) mission embodies fostering individual strengths to build a better team.

Overall we had a fantastic time at RFMA 2017. We were able to help the Christian Service Center, the chosen charity for RFMA Gives, in a BIG way. With signatures collected on our giant piece of bread (see attached photo for proof), we are proud to say we donated enough money to feed more than 1,500 people. Each signature collected equated to 10 meals, and there was no shortage of support, in fact the entire piece of bread was covered by the completion of the event.

We are excited to share more about our 2017 RFMA experience through upcoming social media posts and tags. You can find a video featuring a few of CGP's highlights here.

Overall it was an amazing experience and we can’t wait until next year. See you all in Phoenix!

-Shawn, Jim & Danny

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