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Innovation with Software for Retailers & Vendors


Guest: Kim Goei- FEXA

FEXA is currently providing innovation in facilities maintenance software for retailers and vendors.

FEXA was created with Vendors and Retailers in mind, customizing tools to address their specific pain points. The software has been adapted by big names such as Michael Kors, Tesla, and Crate & Barrell. This software has seen great success due to his customizable features and the ease at which a new customer can pick up the software.

FEXA is designed to be used by all and has been created to fit each customer uniquely.

Three great customizable features of FEXA are:

  1. You are able to customize your work flow to fit your specific needs. When you choose FEXA, you get all FEXA has to offer. This includes all the bells and whistles and all their new and upcoming features.
  2. You are able to create custom fields with a click of a button. FEXA makes this process incredibly user friendly and easy to learn.
  3. You are able to customize communication. This means you are able to add branding or automation to your communication to make your communication processes clean and streamlined.

While FEXA is all about cutting edge innovation, they pride themselves on really listening to the customer. By understanding the features and tools needed by the customers, FEXA is able to not only provide a software that fits the needs of an individual, they are also able to provide a community of support.

FEXA recently launched their Innovation summit that had two specific goals

  1. It provided a safe place for FEXA users to interact and brainstorm. It allowed them to communicate what they really need for their industry and specific company.
  2. It provided a community. This summit allowed those who are facing similar challenges to know they are not alone.

One of the ways that FEXA continues to support its biggest fans are through vendors. Vendors are not charged for the use of FEXA for their customers. They understand that vendors are working with thin margins and want to provide value for vendors.

What is next for FEXA?

  1. FEXA is always evolving and looking for more ways to add features that will help customers.
  2. They are building a delivery team.
  3. They are working to continue to help add tools specifically for vendors.

Be on the lookout for all the cool things FEXA is doing and join us in the conversation about how innovation and technology is shaping facilities management.


While PRSM, now Connex, has been very successful within traditional multi-site retail, they knew that to continue to grow and adapt with the ever changing face of retail, they needed to transition out of retail store maintenance to facility management for multi site facilities. With retail facilities being repurposed for all sort of things, Connex has its eyes set on expanding into the medical realm, financial institutions, and the entertainment industry, such as indoor sports and gaming.

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