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End of Summer Celebration w/ Pinnacle

The Ivanhoe has a rich history having been built in the early 1950’s and having one of the very first Olympic size swimming pools in El Cajon. This property was one heck of a place to live and today it is still enjoying all the perks of being in the right location!

These guys have an amazing team and we would like to thank everyone for allowing us to celebrate with them. A special thank you to Danyele the Property Manager, she was instrumental in coordinating the event.

​Another special thank you to Matt Hackett and Cheyanne Lerma. These guys are part of the Project Management team to worked so hard to make the event happen. Great Job you guys!

Show Quotes:

To celebrate the end of Summer CGP decided to invite residents of the Ivanhoe to a Summer Bar-B-Q cookout. The Ivanoe is part of Pinnacle Family Living, one of the largest property management companies on the west coast. We had a great time and enjoyed giving back to the residents, managers, and maintenance crew at the property. We just finished several projects just in time for the celebration.

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