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ABOUT Starbucks 5746 Flooring Refresh Project

Our team of experts started with prepping the floors, carefully removing any furniture or appliances from the area. We then proceeded to sand down the old finish, fix any wood floor repairs necessary, and apply a fresh stain to create a new look for the space.

We took great care in selecting a durable and long-lasting sealant that will protect the floors from everyday wear and tear, ensuring a lasting finish that both Starbucks employees and customers can enjoy.

The renovation not only provided a much-needed aesthetic upgrade to the Starbucks location, but also addressed any safety concerns that may arise from damaged or worn-out flooring.

Our team takes great pride in our ability to transform spaces and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for businesses and their customers. We are thrilled with the results of this refresh project and look forward to tackling the next one!

If you’re considering refreshing your commercial space, contact us today to discuss how we can help transform your space and create a lasting impression for your customers.



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CGP is the BOMB!!!

Pam Siriphong
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Andrea said it’s SO nice now that the lights are no longer flickering. She mentioned there’s a light completely out outside of their suite in the common area hallway.

Andrea | Starbucks
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CGP Maintenance and Construction always provides quality work and rapid response times.

Mike McGraw | Facilities Manager Starbucks Coffee Company
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I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your employee’s through the latest job at La Casa Balboa. The following employee’s have been professional in all the areas of their present assignment here.

La Casa Balboa
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