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ABOUT Loew’s Coronado Heart of House

The Loews Coronado Resort in San Diego received a much-needed update to the heart of the house, including refreshing the back hallways leading to the employees’ offices. The refresh involved extensive renovations, including grinding, and polishing the floors, installing all-new paint and wall decals, and diamond plate wall protection throughout the entire hallway.

The first part of the renovation involved grinding and polishing the floors, which made all the difference in creating a clean and bright space. The new floors looked pristine, giving the hallway a professional look.

The old walls were refreshed with all-new paint and wall decals, creating a modern and welcoming atmosphere. The new decor had a calming effect, making the hallway an even better space to work in.

To protect the walls from damage, diamond plate wall protection was installed along the entire length of the hallway. Weather-resistant and durable, the diamond plate walls were an excellent addition to the space, adding a sleek and sophisticated look while also providing extra protection.

Overall, the interior update to the heart of the house was a phenomenal success, with the floor polishing, all-new paint and wall decals, and diamond plate wall protection giving the hallway a fresh new look that added to the overall aesthetic of the Loews Coronado Resort, providing a fantastic workspace for the employees.


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CGP is the BOMB!!!

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Andrea said it’s SO nice now that the lights are no longer flickering. She mentioned there’s a light completely out outside of their suite in the common area hallway.

Andrea | Starbucks
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CGP Maintenance and Construction always provides quality work and rapid response times.

Mike McGraw | Facilities Manager Starbucks Coffee Company
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I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your employee’s through the latest job at La Casa Balboa. The following employee’s have been professional in all the areas of their present assignment here.

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