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ABOUT Hilton San Diego Bayfront Remodel

The remodel of Hilton San Diego Bayfront’s employee cafeteria was a transformation that incorporated natural wood products and sleek contemporary designs to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. The redesign aimed to bring nature indoors through organic nature-based themes, which were reflected in all elements of the space.

One of the key components of the remodel was the use of natural wood products. Wood was used to provide warmth and texture to the space. Modern tables and chairs were added to complement the paneling and create a cohesive look throughout the cafeteria. The natural wood products also brought an element of sustainability to the design, which aligned with the hotel’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Sleek contemporary elements were incorporated into the design using neutral colors, clean lines, and modern fixtures. Pendant lighting fixtures were chosen to provide ambient lighting while creating a modern ambiance. The flooring was upgraded for high traffic, while a fresh coat of paint in earthy tones completed the remodeled look.

Overall, the remodel of Hilton San Diego Bayfront’s employee cafeteria achieved a warm and inviting atmosphere incorporating natural wood products and sleek contemporary designs. The resulting organic, nature-based themes provided a relaxing space for employees to enjoy their meals and breaks.


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Andrea said it’s SO nice now that the lights are no longer flickering. She mentioned there’s a light completely out outside of their suite in the common area hallway.

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I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your employee’s through the latest job at La Casa Balboa. The following employee’s have been professional in all the areas of their present assignment here.

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