How Leaders Influence What Their Teams Focus

Shownotes (0:48) Intro (5:15) Focusing on the internals of your business (8:09) Using fear as a motivator rather than an inhibitor (17:33) The importance of focusing on possibilities rather than problems (23:09) Advice for staying focused on a positive mindset Quotes “Let’s just be honest. What you focus on now is what you get in results. And so if you focus on the right things, you’re going to grow, you’re going to help your company, you’re going to help your team.” (1:24) “Particularly in our business… the customer doesn’t care. They only want to know that it’s fixed, whatever it happens to be. But they’re really concerned about the engagement to show up, how you present, how you addres

Leadership in Hard Times and Innovating to Win with Jon Bolen

Shownotes (00:43) Intro (2:40) Introducing Jon Bolen (3:30) What is Jon reading? (6:29) Jon’s unique approach to leadership through the pandemic (11:27) ENTOUCH’s culture (13:33) What does ENTOUCH do? (18:56) Will the pandemic have an effect on the way people think about climate change? (21:53) Setting boundaries while working from home (25:24) Keeping a strong culture without going in to the office (27:58) ENTOUCH’s innovation in its field Quotes “The recognition that this is the time we’re being called to be leaders. This environment isn’t going away...So it’s our job to help [our clients] through that, not sit on the sideline with other people waiting for it to be over.” (9:33) “When w

A Covid-19 Story- Transitioning from FM to Vendor

Shownotes (0:47) Intro (2:54) Introducing Danny Koontz (4:03) What is Danny reading currently? (5:39) How Danny got started in facility management (8:35) Danny talks about getting furloughed through COVID (11:15) Advice for other FM’s getting furloughed (14:58) The relationship between FM and vendors (24:23) What is Windy City Equipment? (30:51) Wrap up Quotes “You learn on the fly, not really a book. You just get out there and learn, and what you’re trying to do is be a resource and help people.” (7:32) “One thing that’s really important is to utilize your network...You have spent your time when you were working and gainfully employed still helping other people, responding to other peopl

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