Dumpsters to Dollars

Show Notes [00:02:15] Intro to Jason Gates and Metering Garbage at Compology. [00:07:15] How did Compology get started? [00:11:00] What made Metering Garbage such a good idea? [00:16:00] The pervasive benefits of Compology [00:20:10] Using Artificial Intelligence [00:25:18] Where’s Compology going next? Quotes “We have close to a hundred million images collected with our cameras that we use to keep training our algorithms to get better and better over time. The more dumpsters that we monitor, the better we can serve our customers, which is pretty cool.” [00:19:45] Links: https://compology.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/compology/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-gates-4b400326/ Dumps

How Public Speaking Skills Can Catapult You to the Top of the Corporate Ladder

Shownotes (00:47) Intro (03:37) Idea for MasterTalk (07:31) What do you think is your biggest challenge with public speaking? (13:30) Advice for public speaking given today’s crazy times (15:31) Reading recommendation (16:56) What should we start practicing tomorrow for public speaking? (19:58) Why do you think people struggle so much in public speaking? Quotes: “If you want to master public speaking, giving work presentations won’t put you in the top one percent.” [13:55] “If you want to serve the world, be the best at what you do.” [15:15] “The only message that matters is that, if you have a message that matters...tap into that message because that is the only way you will become world-cl

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