The Future of Field Service with Leo Rota- Part 2

With the new generation coming up in the workforce and the old ones retiring, a huge difference is seen there. It is safe to say the evolution of the workforce due to the advancements in software and technology. As the new generation is fed up to see an interface for all the solutions to their problems, it is really necessary to have such equipment when hiring this new workforce. All the challenges that a business can face in the modernization of their business models and how they can cope with them are discussed here. How to adapt your existing software with the new workforce and how does Turbo Systems can help you achieve that. We’ll talk about all of this with Leo Rota - Director of Custo

The Future of Field Service with Leo Rota

Leo Rota - Director of Customer Success at Turbo Systems; told us a lot of interesting facts about Turbo Systems. How are they managing to keep up with the new technology that’s coming up? The importance of keeping software solutions up to date and a little bit about his own journey. Introduction: Leo Rota is a father of 3 beautiful children and a husband of a beautiful wife, he worked from 2003 to 2013 at DuPont and before joining Turbo Systems he was a Director of Professional Services at Service Max. Leo was born and raised in Philadelphia, he left his old job and packed everything up with his family to start a new company (Turbo Systems) in California. When asked about how do you feel

FM Leadership Series #2 - 2020 Goal Setting

In this episode of FM Evolution, we sit down with Jim Robinson, CEO of CGP Construction, to discuss the importance of goal setting for 2020. Jim shares a story he often tells of a friend that carried around a yellow notepad of his most important goals when he first started out. Due to being able to visualize his goals and having confidence in himself, he accomplished all of his top 30 goals, except becoming a ski instructor. He now is incredibly successful and says without writing down his goals, he would not have been able to accomplish what he has. So how can we have the same success? Write down your goals. Journal. It works. Jim shares that many mentors and coaches he rubbed shoulders wit

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