Bringing Rock to Work Culture

Culture is an important facet for any work environment, no matter the business. And few know that better than speaker and author Jim Knight. He’s the author of the book Culture that Rocks. Knight said his speaking focus areas tend to play in the sweet spot of culture and service. “Those tend to be my two main focuses. I get hired predominantly to help people amp up their organizational culture, their internal environment,” he said. He probably has eight or nine things in his quiver, but Knight said his number one hit is Culture that Rocks. As for how he got started being a professional speaker, Knight said it bred out of all the stuff he did in his career. Knight’s background is a “long and

Bringing Associates Together to Help Others

Tracy Thompson is the executive director and CEO for the Restaurant Facility Management Association or RFMA. The Restaurant Facility Management Association works hard to serve different communities through a recurring event called RFMA Gives. The core mission of RFMA is to promote the advancement of the restaurant facility professionals, according to Thompson. The CEO has been with RFMA since beginning, and the association is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Thompson said she was employee number one, starting out working from home with a Mr. Parcel P.O. Box. “We’ve grown quite a bit since then,” she said. Originally, Thompson said she worked as a radio promotions director. After taki

Female Leaders Rising in Facilities Management

Noelle Faille is with Olive Garden and has spent a decade in facilities management. “I always feel weird talking about this subject. I made my way in the younger years being a decoy duck,” she said. Faille said she didn’t want to stick out as different. She wanted to be one of the guys, talking about football and fishing. This allowed her to climb the career ladder a little bit. “I didn’t want to be thought of as a woman,” she said. And it worked. She got invited to the golf course and poker games. But Faille said as she grew and became more of the woman she is now, she matured. Faille came to see herself as a female in the workplace. Not only that, but women in facilities management were st

Want Success? Have Great Communication

Susan Foster is a communications coach who spent 17 years working in a large semiconductor company. Before she was a coach, she worked as a software engineer, a product manager, and then a people manager. She eventually developed an interest in communications and is now a coach for internal and external customers. It seems like most people in the workplace don’t realize how important communication is until there’s a breakdown. Foster defined communication as the exchange of ideas and information. And the key focus, she said, is the exchange part. Unless people can communicate, any contributions they might be able to give to their company won’t be heard. They’ll stay inside someone’s head. Th

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