Water Conservation Remains Important to the Future

Adam Bartman with Reed looks at this very issue in the Toronto area. Bartman said Toronto’s overall infrastructure is weak, and it faces higher water costs, which put a strain on things. The cost per cubic meter is up seven percent a year, according to Bartman. Water conservation is important to the foundation of this company. “It kind of goes back to why the company is named ‘Reed’,” Bartman said. Four years ago when the company started, it’s original mission was to give one particular customer who owned a large apartment building a way to understand water use, according to Bartman. The Building was 16 stories with three wings. It held apartments in the 300-unit range. For about 10 years th

End of Summer Celebration w/ Pinnacle

To celebrate the end of Summer CGP decided to invite residents of the Ivanhoe to a Summer Bar-B-Q cookout. The Ivanoe is part of Pinnacle Family Living, one of the largest property management companies on the west coast. We had a great time and enjoyed giving back to the residents, managers, and maintenance crew at the property. We just finished several projects just in time for the celebration. ​ The Ivanhoe has a rich history having been built in the early 1950's and having one of the very first Olympic size swimming pools in El Cajon. This property was one heck of a place to live and today it is still enjoying all the perks of being in the right location! ​ These guys have an amazing team

Changing Lives & Resolving Homelessness with Facility Management

Homelessness is a major problem across the United States, and one organization working to help those impacted by it in the Phoenix area is UMOM. Melissa Steimer is chief development officer of UMOM, and she stopped by the FM Evolution podcast to discuss how the organization helps those without homes and utilizes facilities management. UMOM been around since 1964 and stood for United Methodist Outreach Ministries, according to Steimer. It started as a soup kitchen through the church, though it is no longer directly related to the church. It is faith supported, though, and that is a community that helps UMOM. In 1964, UMOM started to serve the homeless and then shelter them, according to Steim

Facilities Management Turns to Data Analytics for Smarter Growth

As companies expand to new locations across the country and even the world, they’re looking for smarter ways to maintain corporate infrastructure through all the different buildings and properties owned and managed. This is where facilities management comes in. It’s literally providing maintenance and care for the locations of companies in all sorts of different sectors from retail to corporate offices. Harold Miller is director of operations and account management for Corrigo, a company that produces cloud-based software for facility managers and providers of service. Think of it as a unifying platform. Miller said he’s worked in facilities management for a number of years after sort of stu

Did I just get FeedSMACK?

It's Feedback, not FeedSMACK and here's why In a world of 24/7 constant communication shaped by newly-evolving digital technologies, it has become more important than ever to learn how to correctly process critiques on workplace performance. When people incorrectly process critical analysis from a boss or coworker, it can turn feedback into something called feedsmack, and that can come with all sorts of negative emotions. Jim Robinson is the CEO of CGP Maintenance and Construction Services. He stopped by the FM Evolution podcast to discuss handling feedsmack after recently writing on the subject. Robinson said he saw the topic written about in the Harvard Business Review. Early in his career

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