Blue is the New White

More Options than College College is not the only career path forward after high school, and in fact, can be costly and ineffective when compared to a path like skilled labor. That’s the message in Josh Zolin’s book “Blue Is the New White, the Best Path to Success No One Told You About - Until Now.” Zolin stopped by the FM Evolution podcast to discuss his book and revealed the entire project started with a search for technicians. With his father, Zolin owns Windy City Equipment in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a company that serves over 2,000 restaurants and institutions throughout Arizona and distributes commercial kitchen equipment and food service parts all over the country. With this book, Zoli

Simplifying the Keys to Success

With Josh Zolin Sometimes, the best business strategy is to watch a master at work and take note of what they do in order to follow in their footsteps. That’s precisely what we’re doing today in our interview with Josh Zolin of Windy City Equipment. In addition to running this facilities management and equipment repair company, Josh is an author, speaker, and authority on business practices and success. This is exactly the kind of person that we should be following. Josh focuses a lot on the keys behind success for every person in the room within an industry. This includes us as the business owner, our employees, the client, their employees, and their customers. Josh says “Everybody’s gotta

Servant Leadership in Facility Management

When we looked back over the past 19 episodes, we noticed a recurring theme bubbling to the surface. It’s fitting too, because this theme is what our parent company, CGP Maintenance and Construction Services is all about: Servant Leadership. Each episode has been focused on different aspects of our common field, construction, but like clockwork, we have naturally gravitated toward interviews with people displaying our core value. Because of this common thread, we decided to devote an entire episode to reflecting on Servant Leadership. Before we look at a list of what a Servant Leader *is* or *is not*, let’s review what we are even discussion here. This concept was born in the 1970s when Robe

What's Next in Smart Water Management?

What’s next in smart water management? Adam Bartman with Reed water.io says it's them. Reed Water helps businesses and commercial spaces, “Control & monitor the leading brands of shut-off valves, meters and leak sensors - for flood prevention and more efficient operation and detect potential water damage threats and manage them through the intuitive cloud dashboard, from anywhere in the world.” Interested? We were too. So, how did this begin? Adam shared that he has always been an entrepreneur. As a son of a plumber, he too went into the family trade and has for the past 12 years run a successful plumbing business. However, four years ago, Adam realized that really nothing had changed with t

The Importance of Design in Commercial Properties

with Megan Pucak We are used to talking about the more technical and large-scale facets of what we do in the facilities management and construction world, but we rarely get to dive into one of the more complex and detailed areas of our industry: interior design. We know an element is an integral part of what we do when we don’t notice a space with it but we are completely unsettled in its absence. This is what we’re talking about today with our special guest, Megan Pucak! We love how Megan starts off the conversation by talking about some of the more difficult aspects of being a detail-minded creative in an overview-obsessed world. She impresses that creatives often take their talents for gr

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