Psychology of a Successful Team

With CGP CEO Jim Robinson We feel like it’s pretty easy to identify a bad boss. We can almost instantly list out the reasons he or she is unsuccessful and where they went wrong. If only it were that easy to be a good boss. There are so many leadership strategies out there, and there is a fine line of success between two opposite ends of the spectrum of fear-based dictator and nice-guy/girl pushover. So how do we find that line before we set ourselves up for failure within our company? The CEO of FM Evolution’s sponsor, Jim Robinson is here to give us the keys to his 35+ year run as a successful leader. “I believe I’m here to serve other people. I wake up knowing that I have to m ake sure I’m

Community Based Software

Corrigo is a CMMS (or Computerized Maintenance Management System) platform software company that has been around since 1999. They are one of the largest facilities and retail management systems out there. In addition to working with powerhouses like Sephora and Bank of America on the retail side, they are here for us in the FM space to make our lives easier. How do they do this? Overall, their system allows us to track everything we do and make it reportable, forecastable, streamlined, and automated. They’re working harder so that we can work smarter. With several options out there for our CMMS platform, what sets Corrigo apart? Director of Sales, Jennifer Shone was able to sit down with us

Building the Best Company Culture

With Michael Baer from Sunland Asphalt Let’s take an industry that is not known for an incredibly uplifting or encouraging culture and mix it with a niche that is hard to hang with for a number of reasons, and we have ourselves an uphill battle when it comes to fostering an empowering and career-boosting environment. This is one of the most important factors when we choose jobs in this era. We’re looking for where we will feel valued and taken-care-of, and with present business saturation, we don’t really have to settle for less anymore. Asphalt work is among the trickiest of the facility management niches to work within. Not only are we struggling with our main topic, company culture, which

Why It Is So Important to Invest in Community

We talk to so many amazing contracting and facility management companies and time and time again we are most impressed by one thing: giving back. At CGP, this is our main goal in our business and our personal lives, so we always want to plug and support other companies doing the most to improve the world around them. When we sat down with Michael Baldwin from Hawai`i Unified, we quickly realized that this was one of those companies down in our southernmost US state, and we’re talking about more than the free mai-tais they were handing out at the Denver conference. Hawai`i Unified is a General Contractor company holding licenses for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, commercial doors, and roofing. G

Can't Stop the Mop... or Can We?

Since the beginning of modern times where restrooms, kitchens, and restaurants are apart of our daily lives, we have been cleaning them in relatively the same ways. Although there have been innovations in the tools we’ve used, it still usually involves a person using that elbow grease to wipe, scrub, or MOP surfaces to get them “clean.” Kaivac is here to change the game forever. Their new inventions and evolutionary updates make cleaning easier, and more importantly, safer and more effective than the traditional methods we have all accepted as our fate. Before we could even get to sit down with the representative from Kaivac though, we were alarmed that the guy who had been protesting Kaivac

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