Shawn Black: The CRFP & Me

Ah, the CRFP certification. This had been on my calendar taunting me for months and months. So why did I take the CRFP? Was it for the knowledge? What about the recognition? Was it for the cool CRFP title? How about the chance to walk on stage and see all your colleges as you make your way up the stairs without falling, the answer is yes. All of these were fun but it turns out the educational value is the biggest benefit. I did it, I made the decision to get going so I logged on to find there was some really good information and there were several tidbits that I just didn't know. Let's be honest, I blasted through the courses in a very short time in order to take the take the test. I have ne

RFMA 2017: A Huge Success

As we arrived and checked in at the Gaylord Resort, we were excited to see what RFMA 2017 had in store. The hotel was immaculately beautiful and full of energy. The staff were overly accommodating and showed their desire to provide the best customer service possible. The Gaylord in Nashville is enormous! You could easily get lost walking around the resort premises. It felt as if we had arrived on another planet. We had prepared for months prior to this event; to create a successful marketing plan and gain valuable contacts. The preparation process was so stressful that we were ready to socialize and connect with friends and colleagues. The day prior to the conference, you could feel the nerv

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