May 29, 2020

Show Notes

[00:03:00] Intro to Eric Townsend 

[00:06:00] Business Interruption Claim

[00:011:05] What do you do if you’re denied?

[00:14:10] How do companies file claims related to COVID19?

[00:24:45] How the Law Eagles Was Started

[00:29:50] What Advice do you have for busi...

May 22, 2020

Show Notes

[00:30:00] Intro to Randy Olsen

[00:012:15] What do all FM have in common?

[00:13:35] Why are training credentials so important in FM?

[00:17:00] How does educational value show up for employers?

[00:18:10] How has ProFM adapted during COVID-19?

[00:21:25] What ar...

May 13, 2020

Show Notes

(00:47) Introduction

(2:58) What can we expect now that businesses are trying to reopen?

(4:41) How do you think this process is going to affect them and immediate future?

(6:25) How do you think restaurants are going to manage with all those new requirements?


May 8, 2020

Show Notes

[00:14:10] Customer Centered Approach

[00:25:50] What is your next big thing?

Show Quotes

“We are empowered and supported to take care, and not just great care - fantastic care, of our operators and team members… by us supporting them, we are taking some of the...

May 1, 2020


Show Notes

[00:03:00] FEAR Mindset

[00:06:30] How will COVID-19 change our habits?

[00:10:10] How do you move from reactive to proactive?

[00:14:15] How do you stay vulnerable with your team?

[00:20:40] How do you balance keeping things positive?

[00:23:20] What kind of inn...

April 24, 2020


[00:03:00] About Corrigo

[00:07:52] BI Dashboard

[00:11:51] Combining AI + BI

[00:13:00] Discussion w/ Scott Hoffman

[00:19:56] Predictive Maintenance

[00:32:25] What’s next for Corrigo?

Show Quotes:

“At this point, you really can't be a sales professional without getting ev...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kroger Co, Walmart Inc, Albertsons and other grocery sellers are installing plexiglass partitions at checkout counters to protect cashiers from the highly contagious coronavirus.

The shields are designed to block virus-containing droplets - relea...

March 27, 2020

Show Notes:

[00:03:10] Tracy’s journey with RFMA

[00:08:23] Biggest accomplishment since the start of RFMA?

[00:10:12] What is your biggest life influence?

[00:12:15] About the Team

[00:17:51] About CAE

[00:22:23] Tracy’s Retirement Announcement

[00:24:44] Advice for Incoming...

February 28, 2020


    In a new era of technology, it can be challenging to stay relevant as a business. How do you find your niche and gain a customer following that will last? Come up with a revolutionary idea that still manages to be simplistic, and keep customers at th...

February 14, 2020

Employees are the backbone of every company, which means employees view their job is just as important as the work that they are doing. Are you creating an environment that employees feel seen, heard, and respected in? 

Keeping employees invested in their work is an age...

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